Frequently Asked Questions

As Keap Certified Partners, we get special promotions from Keap to incentivize sales and support our clients, but any Keap plan is additional to our services. The good news is that, whereas standard Keap plans typically include only 1 user and 500 contacts to start with, purchasing a plan through a Keap Certified Partner means better pricing as well as more users and contacts included. Please talk to us for more information.

This depends very much on your particular need. There are clients that can be set up within a few hours, whereas other clients require lots of customizations, automations, campaigns, etc. As for our service packages, we can usually complete these services for you within 3-5 business days. One requirement to get started is to have a first one-on-one session with you. This will help us to better understand your business and to ask you for all necessary information and files (e.g. user details, logo, etc.) to get started.

Yes, we can definitely do that. Many of our clients work with us long-term, either on a per-project or a retainer basis. Within Keap, we can help you to set up your custom campaigns and sales & marketing automations, as well as integrate 3rd party apps/plugins, provide training, and much more. As this usually involves our clients’ websites, we also provide design and development services to create and maintain your website, landing pages, e-commerce shops, etc.

Our team has successfully been working with Keap for a number of years and with clients from around the world. Our largest client is currently an US-based organization with over 50 users and over 115,000 contacts that we have been working with since 2018. We use Keap as our own CRM and for our own campaigns and automations as well. In other words, if you receive newsletters, reminders, or auto responses from us, these are automations in Keap.