Excited to Announce my (Re-)branding

Excited to Announce my (Re-)branding

Funnelmatix Rebranding - Marketing Automation

Funnelmatix Rebranding


Well, to put it simple, some of you simply know me as Konstantin von Brocke (and that will personally never change!) and some others as ONEKON. As such I have taken on various different types of roles over many years, including market research, social media management and advertising, marketing management, database administration, and different types of IT projects. Back in 2018, I also got introduced to Infusionsoft (known as Keap today) and marketing automation. I got officially certified in Keap in February 2021. This has become my sole focus of what I do, so this called for a change to reflect this and (re-)branding this more professionally from here on out.

What does Funnelmatix mean?

Our focus is to automate marketing, sales, and internal processes for small to medium-sized businesses. The goal is to be more effective and efficient with one’s marketing and sales endeavors and to create internal processes that save time and money. We want to allow the founders and their teams to focus on what really matters. So a big part of this will be to create a marketing and sales funnel as well as to automate all that. With funnel and “matix” – from automatic or automation – our brand name Funnelmatix was born.

What does this mean for our clients?

For most clients business will continue as usual. Our focus has already been on automation. It means for all that we’ll not accept any new projects that are outside of the service scope that are in line with the Funnelmatix branding. Of course, we’ll finish all projects where we’re already in the midst of them. It also means for all clients – existing, returning, and new – that we’ll execute all projects with even more focus, brilliance, and professionalism.

What else is new?

We’re working on finishing our rebranding across all our systems, websites, social media, and advertising. As part of this (re-)branding, we’re also growing. What exactly does that mean? Well, we don’t want to give away all at once, but you can expect to see at least weekly updates on all this.

Stay tuned and make sure to connect with us on our social media:



If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out directly at info@funnelmatix.com.

To reflect this change, most web assets have already been adjusted. Visit our new website today at https://funnelmatix.com.

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